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Fundserve is a software system that manages services of transfer agents, fund management for open-ended funds and voluntary pension funds

This is a solution for members participating in the open-ended fund and voluntary retirement markets.
The system provides BackOffice services with the following functions:
• Account Management: Manage individual retirement accounts
• Transfer Agent: Transfer agent for open funds
• Fund Administration: Managing funds
Providing application infrastructure to deploy services for subjects including:
• Investors / Employee: Open-end fund investors / Employees
• Asset Management Companies / Pension Operator: A fund management company / voluntary retirement plan operator
• Distributors / Agent / Employer: Open-ended fund distribution agents / Retirement agents / Employers (enterprises)
• Custodian bank: Custodian bank
• Supervisor bank: Supervisory bank

FSS has successfully implemented the Fundserv system at Vietnam Securities Depository (VSD). Through the Fundserv system, VSD has provided agency services transfer to Investment Funds to bring common benefits to the market, reduce costs for investors and stakeholders, helping Fund management companies have more options in selecting service providers and helping market participants deeply and widely participate in service activities related to investment funds.