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Fund Transfer Pricing and Cost allocation system

iFTP is built to allow the Banks to calculate the funds transfer price for all banking transactions. It provides flexible set of parameters which enables the Bank to define all the formulas of fund transfer prices and allocated costs, and produce profitability analysis reports to help manage performance at different levels of the bank. It also better supports the specific requirements in Vietnam's banking market.
iFTP supports the business operations:

  • Set the price of buying/selling internal capital in the bank.

  • Define formulas and steps of cost allocation for departments. 

  • Provide a set of reports of cost-of-funds, NIM, PNL of each account / customer

  • Provide a set of reports for cost allocation:  PNL Report before and after cost allocation in blocks and departments.

iFTP has been chosed and successfully deployed in Maritime Commercial Joint Stock Bank of Vietnam (Maritime Bank), Vietnam Public Commercial Bank (PVcomBank) and TienPhong Bank.