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The corporate bond trading system

The corporate bond trading system is designed with the goal of providing a peer-to-peer electronic agreement platform for all participants in the corporate bond investment process.     

• Issuer: the legal entity that issuing corporate bonds.
• Remiser / Agent: A network of brokers developing customers (investors).
• Broker / Dealer: Is an issuing agent, a market maker to sell investment assets to customers, creating liquidity through continuous offering to BUY / SELL.
• Investor: An investor (customer).
• Commercial Bank: A bank that provides payment services.
• Broker House Securites: A securities company providing a trading gateway for corporate bonds listed on the Stock Exchange

• customer and account information management
• Order management
• Money management
• investment assets management
• Corporate Action Management
• Brokerage and commission management
• Parameter management and system administration

• User Management
• Account Management
• Quote Management
• Inquiry and Reporting